Monty Python + FOI Training Video = ....

From the country that gave you Monty Python, here's an educational video about freedom of information legislation in the United Kingdom...

Canada's Access to Information Act: An Epic Introduction




The trailer to the animated FOI movie "Trailer for 'Re/Quest: Into the Other World'"

** Right to Know Week / Freedom of Information Music Survey **


Suggest a Freedom of Information song for the 2011 Right to Know Week, the internationally recognized week to raise awareness about Freedom of Information legislation!



Education and Voting: Learning to Vote

How do people learn how to vote for any given election?  We can rephrase this question to "How do we learn to use our political enfranchisement to elect a person to represent us in parliament?"  This question emphasizes that voting is part of one having a franchise in society.


Freedom of Information Legislation Education


Educational videos for the People and for their Public Institutions...


Cayman Islands

The National Parks Project

The National Parks Project


"Beautiful!"  "Stunning"

Government of Canada Web 2.0 Documents


Table of Contents

"Government of Canada Web 2.0: Making a difference - making it happen"  (Marj Akerley, Executive Director, Organizational Readiness Office, Treasury Board of Canada), p.1

Call to Action, p.2

The time to act is now, p.3

Evolving Web 2.0, p.4

Key drivers, p.5

What are the benefits, p.6

How does it look in GC context, p.7

Web 2.0 in the GC - Current State, p.8

GC 2.0 Future State - Public Servants, p.9

1st Global Conference on Transprency Research



1st Global Conference on Transprency Research

Rutgers University-Newark

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